Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Power of Prayer

I'm really excited about this new linkup hosted by Melissa Jo and her friend Amy.  I read Melissa Jo's post about it the other day, and I knew that I wanted to participate as soon as they made it live.  Basically, the linkup allows readers to list prayer requests/praises privately or publicly, where there will be a team of people lifting up these requests on their behalf.

As a person who has been prayed for by others on so many occasions, I can attest to the power of prayer, especially when it comes from the lips of other believers.  There is nothing sweeter than knowing that your struggles are on the hearts and minds of others.  It makes whatever you're facing that much easier.


This week, I have a request for something that has been on my heart a lot lately.  The church I grew up in -- the church my parents still attend -- has been going through several really tough years.  Every church goes through rough patches.  I know that.  With staff and membership constantly changing, nothing ever stays quite the same.  Unfortunately, for a lot of churches, these changes bring about serious "droughts."  This church, which I still consider my church, has been in this state for a while.  They've been steadily losing members, especially younger members, and it has gotten to a point where many people are starting to question how much longer the church will be viable.  This is really hard for me to stomach.  This is the church that my parents and one set of grandparents were married.  It's such a special place to so many people and a lot of amazing things have taken place here over the years.  So many lives changed; so many that have come to know Christ.  In fact, we recently celebrated the church's 100th year!  It's been such a needed and mission-minded church in the community for a very long time.  

In the past few weeks, several stronghold members in the church have become reenergized, so to speak, and have decided to partner alongside my parents to work to make changes.  There is a sense of urgency and excitement with this sweet group of people.  I'm thrilled to think that others are becoming passionate about seeing this church "reborn," in a sense.

We all hope that new members will be made, the lost will come to know Christ, and current members will be reignited in their faith.  We hope that God will move and work and that BIG THINGS will take place.  My prayer, ultimately, however, is that God's will be done.  He has a greater plan and a greater purpose than we could ever seek to understand, and, in spite of what's been going on there for the last few years, He has the best things in mind for this church and His people.  I would be so honored to have you (any of my readers) join me in praying for this sweet church and precious group of people in the coming months and years.

Thank you in advance!!


  1. I was so excited to see that you joined us for Prayer Chain, so happy to have you here! Keeping your church in my prayers this week. There are always peak and valleys and it sounds like your church is currently in a valley. I will pray for guidance for your elders/deacons and other church leadership. I will pray for a movement to help your church grow.

  2. beautiful!

    praying for your parents' church, not always easy to accept changes...

    cute blog!