Thursday, March 28, 2013

The POP!

This has been such a crazy, awesome week.  I've been traveling since Sunday, but I'm finally back at home, in my pjs, snuggled up with a blanket on the couch.  Spring break is so, SO wonderful.  Can we please do this once a month??  Pretty please?

I've been a lazy poster this week since I've been out of town, but I am THRILLED to share this post with you today!  A little over a week ago, I was contacted by sweet, sweet Ashley over at Horseshoes and Pearls about participating in a linkup idea she was tossing around.  I knew that one day I'd like to do a linkup, and, once she told me her idea, I felt like the timing and content were absolutely perfect.  

So today, we are launching The POP, or The Power of Prayer.  This is a very open-ended linkup.  You can post ANYTHING related to your faith in Christ.  A few examples would include ways God is speaking to you, devotionals you're studying, your favorite scripture, prayer requests/praises, ways God is using you, etc.  Basically, this linkup is just a place for you to be encouraged and to receive encouragement in your walk with Christ.  

Currently, God is doing some major things in my heart.  He has been teaching me some pretty amazing/scary stuff.  Some of these lessons are new and recent; some are things He's been growing in me for years.  I'm going to pace myself as I share these thoughts, but I thought that this week, I'd start with one of the hardest lessons I'm learning:  patience.  Boy oh boy, has He been teaching me patience. Like, drilling it in there.  For a long time.

Patience has never been my virtue.  Never ever.  I have never had patience for a thing.  If I want it, I want it right now.  God and I have battled over this more times than I care to admit.  However, when the dust settles after each dual, I learn the beauty that comes in waiting.  Waiting for His timing and for His will.  In so many ways, I feel as if my whole life is a waiting game.  Waiting for a husband.  Waiting to buy a home.  Waiting until I am financially stable.  Waiting for summer break.  I've grown up thinking that life doesn't really begin until I have "all my ducks in a row," so to speak.  God is showing me, slowly but surely, that there is beauty in waiting and grace in relying on Him.  He's showing me that His plans are perfect.  And more often than not, I believe that He is making me wait for His best and His brightest because He's not done perfecting my patience.  He's making me work for it.  Imagine that!

Patience is not an easy virtue, but it can be oh-so-beautiful when we learn to rely fully on God and trust in His will, not our own.  

Friend, I pray today that you will allow God to perfect His patience in your heart.  Beautiful things will come of it.  I promise!!

Do you have something to share?  Has God laid something on your heart?  Please linkup and participate with Ashley, Becca, and myself.

The rules are simple:

1.  Grab the linkup button in the sidebar and type up your post.

2.  Linkup your blog URL.

3. Visit as many blogs in the linkup as you can!  This is about getting active and offering encouragement, prayers, and discussion to those who need it!

4.  Follow your hosts.

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  1. Oh goodness, patience, patience, patience. Something I, too, struggle with day in and day out! I'm like you... if I want something, I want it right then, right now, I don't want to wait for it. And, as always after the dust settles I see the beauty in waiting, and nine times out of ten I realize that what I was waiting for, God gave me something much, much better.

    xo, Ashley

  2. Patience is something that God has DEFINITELY been working in me, too. I thought I was a pretty patient person, but I realized that when it comes to things in my life? I am ALWAYS reaching towards the next thing that I want. And if I had it my way, I'd hit that fast forward button, because I always assume the next chapter will be EVEN better than the one I'm in now. But God is helping me to S-L-O-W down. And thank goodness for that, because ALL chapters and seasons are sweet in their own way, right?


  3. Sorry I'm so late of getting my post up! Happy to be doing this with y'all! <3

  4. Excited to have found your blog through the link up and to be your newest follower!!
    :) Rebecca

  5. Saw you on Becca's blog. LOVE your blog title and this link up idea! :D

  6. What a wonderful link-up! I love seeing what God is doing in other's lives.

  7. I LOVE this post. Patience is something I strugle with daily. It can be so difficult waiting for life to pan out. I have to remind myself I'm not waiting for things to work out the way I want them to, but I'm waiting for what He wants. Enjoy your last little bit of break!

  8. I think we are all waiting for something however I have also learned to live in my waiting. My church had an awesome message on that last week. I hope you will check it out. Also it's not only for singles but for married people to we are all waiting on something in life and I love how he described it.

  9. Hi! I am a new reader and this post totally spoke to my heart. I just wrote a little about this the other day, just being in a perpetual state of waiting and how I am literally terrible at waiting. Its so difficult, but God really is faithful and his plans really are good and perfect, aren't they? Thanks so much for sharing this! I am going to have to link up with you guys next week :)