Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Life According to Instagram

This week has been busy, busy!  It's been great but exhausting.  The best kind, right?  I have plenty of posts planned about my most recent travels, but, today, I'm linking up with Sara from Pearls and Curls to show you my most recent Instagram pics.  Most of them came from my quick trips this week, so it's a bit of a preview of things to come.  Without further adieu...

A sweet Easter present from a student.  It may or may not have been filled to the brim with M&Ms, and I may or may not have finished off half of them by lunch time.

Yep, that's Willie from Duck Dynasty!!  Last Friday night, my dad and I went to the Dothan Civic Center to see Willie, Jase, Phil, Si, and Miss Kay.  It was a fundraiser for the Dothan Rescue Mission, I believe, and it was awesome!!  Post to come. :)

So, what do you do when you head to Atlanta with the intention of spending the day at Stone Mountain, only to realize it was too cold and windy, and the entire park is essentially shut down?  You go to IKEA, of course.  The mothership.

The coolest 4 year-old I know.

Emma and I hanging out in the ATL. 

My first SUCCESSFUL caramel cake.  Anyone who has ever made one of these babies the old-fashioned way knows that it is not for the faint of heart.  But, y'all, it was good.

Friday night = grilled oysters.  Not pictured:  fried shrimp, cheese grits, baked beans, and coleslaw.  Mmmm....

Pearls and Curls


  1. Every time we go to Atlanta, we go to Ikea. I think it's a requirement.

  2. Martin and Godwin just came to Valdosta! I was wondering where the rest of them were!

  3. Your caramel cake looks great!! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  4. Duck Dynasty, IKEA and oysters? My kind of weekend! I actually have a friend who went to see D.D. guys in Dothan. She promised to tell me all about it! Can't wait to read your version.

  5. I love oysters. Fried, raw, grilled, smothered in butter...I'm not picky haha

  6. This looks fabulous! I'm excited to read all about your trips!

  7. What is your Instagram name!?! Follow me @alliegator28 ! So jealous of your Duck Dynasty night! My boyfriend's dad and stepmom go on a cruise with their company each year and this year the guests of honor are the Duck Dynasty crew! We have asked that they return with autographs!

  8. I love that cup! I would've finished all of the m&ms by lunchtime, not just half! haha. & that cake looks amazing.. I love anything caramel! new follower! :)