Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

What do you miss most about being a kid? 

Wow! Just so many things. I probably miss not worrying about things like I do these days. As you grow up, or, at least for me, you start to realize that you're not quite as invincible as you once were. And, neither are the people around you. In the past few years, I've lost grandparents, great aunts and uncles, childhood pets, and even friends. That has been the hardest and most humbling lesson. It also causes me to greatly worry about things that never crossed my mind as a kid. I miss all of those people and the simplicity of youth. 

Did you have a nickname growing up? What was it? 

I had two. I equally hated both of them. The first one was Suzie-Q. Yeah, I know that isn't so bad. In fact, on some levels, it's even kind of endearing. But, as a kid, I hated it. The reason? I loathed barbeque. Yup. Crazy, I know. I love it now, but, as a kid, I thought it was disgusting. And, anytime I was called "Suzie-Q," I immediately thought about barbeque, and it grossed me out. Hence, I hated the nickname. My second nickname was "Man." As a kid, my brother couldn't say "Suzanne," so he called me "man." Ever since then, that's what my dad has called me. I hated it. It didn't exactly speak volumes for my feminine nature. :) 

What was your favorite thing to do at recess? 

Monkey bars. Hands down. I have always been a super competitive person, and I secretly loved the monkey bars because so many other kids couldn't do them. I know. Evil. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A meteorologist. I was obsessed. From about the 3rd through 6th grade, I spent all my free time at home watching The Weather Channel and pretending to give weather reports on a blank space of my bedroom wall. Hurricane season? Best time of the year! I kept a binder of each and every newspaper article on the storms. Still have it! Does that make me a nerd? Probably. But, I still think it would be so very much fun. 

What was your favorite toy? 

Ohhh, my pink Barbie corvette! You know, the kid-sized one that you could ride down the driveway in? Power Wheels, I think. Brings back good memories... It was so impractical, though. I remember charging it for days, and it only running for a good 30 minutes. But, I loved that thing. I was hot stuff in that car. 

What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about? 

My parents have worn this story out over the years. When I was around three, we were visiting my great aunt's house, and, somehow, I got control of the remote. I started pushing the channel button, but nothing was happening. My dad then told me, "Suzanne, point at the t.v." So, following orders, with my only free hand, I pointed my index finger straight at the t.v. and continued my attempt to change the channel without success. Not great, but that's the first one that comes to mind.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's slightly embarrassing how giddy I become when the fall television lineup kicks into gear.  After a summer of, IMO, ridiculously terrible programming (minus the Bachelorette...Emily Maynard is just the darn cutest), I'm always ready to see what this new season has to offer.  Spring brought along two of my new favorites, and I cannot wait for Sunday evening when they start back up!  I mean, seriously, who isn't psyched about these...

Of course, there's also the return of some of my favorite comedy sitcoms:  The Office, New Girl, Parks and Rec, The Big Bang Theory....I could go on.  And, who could forget the return of Hart of Dixie, a show fictionally set just outside Mobile, Alabama, three hours down the road.  Love, love, LOVE this show!

As if this could get any better, I found out tonight that the next Bachelor is none other than...drumroll, please....

Yep, no joke.  That's Sean Lowe from Emily's season.  Loved him last season.  Sure I'll love him again.    Not to rush through my favorite time of year, but, now, I'm genuinely looking forward to January!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

God's Faithfulness

These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy at work as I try to get a handle on all this new 2nd grade stuff. Fourth to 2nd...leaps and bounds, y'all. But, that is not exactly the purpose of this post. More as an excuse for being MIA...

I can honestly say that God has blessed me in innumerable ways. I have an unbelievable family and parents who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that my siblings and I grew up understanding the gospel and Christ's sacrifice for us. I have only ever been a member of one church. The church I began attending at one month old. The church where my parents were married. The church where my maternal grandparents were married. A church with an incredible 112-year history. Most of my childhood memories and friendships are permeated with this place. However, like so many churches, we went through a "rough patch." You could blame it on leadership, membership, division, etc. At this point, pointing fingers does no good. What it comes down to is the fact that, about four years ago, the College and Career group consisted of my brother and me. And that was it. Basically. I knew that God was calling me to other places. There was no longer any fellowship with other believers in my age group and no where for me to serve. So, I "left." Only, I didn't really leave. I became involved at a growing church in town where my cousins attended. Right away, I knew it wasn't where I was supposed to be. But, I also had no clue where else to turn. So, in an attempt to find my niche and fit in again, I got involved. Super duper involved...all without ever joining this church. After about two years, God made it CLEAR AS DAY (don't you just LOVE when God gets your attention in a big way) through a series of somewhat painful and highly revealing situations. He had been gently leading me all along, but I just wouldn't listen.

Soon, I found myself, along with my brother, sister, and best friend, at a different church in town where several of my friends had grown up. We loved it! In fact, I've been attending this church for the past year-and-a-half, but, yet again, I never felt that tug on my heart to move my membership and settle down. I tried to get involved, but something just wasn't right. God was still urging me to LISTEN to Him.

Finally, a few weeks ago, a wonderful couple that I know invited me to try out their church. A church that is right down the road from the house I grew up in. It is in no way a "mega church," like church No. 1. Nor is it like church No. 2. In fact, it most resembles my childhood church, the church that will always feel like home. I decided three Sundays ago to go ahead and try it out. What could I lose? Well, y'all, it was amazing. No, there were no fancy lights, strobe machines, award-winning orchestras, etc. But, I felt the presence of God like I haven't felt in many years, and I saw a good group of people who genuinely love the Lord and desire to serve Him. And, I, most importantly, also feel a peace in my heart toward this church and my involvement here. No, I'm not yet ready to move my membership, but it is something that I will begin praying about. For the first time in a long time, I've been excited about a Sunday morning service. So much so that I tried out the Sunday school this past week, and, what do you know?? I have relatives (yes, RELATIVES) that teach the College and Career class! I didn't even know they went to this church! Okay, we're distant relatives, but relatives, nonetheless.

There have been many times during these past couple of years when I have given up and thought that God had abandoned me. In my heart, I knew that couldn't be true. But, it was just so hard to feel any differently when He seemed so distant. I have, once again, been gently reminded of God's faithfulness to His children. Our God is powerful and omniscient. Nothing escapes His understanding or notice. How comforting to know we serve a loving Savior!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has completely flown by, and, as much as I love my job, I can't imagine waking up at 5:00 tomorrow morning and heading up there.  This weekend has been filled with family, food, and football!  It also means that summer is officially winding down, and fall is on its way.  Sweetest music to my ears.  This southern summer has been a scorcher!

On Friday, I headed over to the movie theater at the beach with my best friend, my brother, and a new friend to watch Lawless.  I honestly had no clue what the movie was about when I agreed to watch it, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would.  Save for plenty of inappropriate language and a little nudity, it was a fairly decent movie.  Probably wouldn't watch it again, but not a bad way to kick off the much needed absolutely necessary weekend.

Saturday was a super sleepy day for me.  That is, until kick off.  My parents hosted an Alabama football party, and there was more junk food than we knew what to do with.  If this first game was any indication of the season, then I'd say we are sitting pretty for another great year!  Super excited about that!!  Here's a pic of our Saturday night feast:

After church on Sunday, G-ma invited the family over for lunch.  Nothing in the world like Sunday dinner at your grandmas.  After eating far more than I should have, I drove out to the beach because I knew that Ann Taylor Loft was having a sale on their new fall cardigans.  Anyone that truly knows me understands, first and foremost, cardigans are my number one wardrobe staple.  I seriously wear them every day.  Like, no joke.  Every stinkin' day.  Partially because I think they are the perfect way to add dimension and color to an outfit.  And, more than anything else, because I have serious self-conscious issues with my arms.  That is a totally different story.  But, nonetheless, I stock up this time every year on the newest colors to prep for the coming months.  One thing I have learned is that, sometimes, it's okay to spend a bit more on quality clothing when it comes to classic clothing pieces.  This is how I feel about cardigans, along with shoes, blazers, and pants.  Shirt styles come and go, but certain pieces can be worn for years, if you are willing to invest a bit more in them.  Thankfully, Loft is great about sales, and, if you are on their mailing list, you can keep up with them pretty easily.  I was ecstatic when I opened my inbox and noticed that their new cardigans were on sale for $25.  I mean, seriously, that's basically the same thing I would pay at Target.  However, when I buy from Loft, I am generally getting something that won't show wear and tear for a long time.  Not surprisingly, I went a little crazy, but I still feel really good about my purchases and know that I have plenty of options for my favorite season of the year!  I picked up 7 (yes, seven!) cardigans, along with a super cute blue leopard print shirt.  

I'll be set for a while!

As if Sunday couldn't have been more perfect, my little sis surprised the whole family by driving home from college for the evening and Labor Day!  Even though she was only in town for one night, it was so great to see her.

Liv and I.  (This pic was not taken this weekend, but you get the idea).

Finally, here's a sneak peek at what my ah-mazing daddy is making for my bedroom.  He's really a pretty awesome carpenter.  He loves doing at-home projects, gardening, landscaping, etc., but he rarely gets a chance to just be creative and build.  When he does, I am nothing less than blown away.  He's very talented and incredibly humble.  I just love him!

This is still a work in progress.  Pics to come when it's completed!