Friday, February 1, 2013

Random Friday Confession

Do you remember that kid in elementary school that took competition way too seriously?  The one that no one wanted to be around after their team lost in P.E.?  Or maybe it was a friendly game of Go Fish?  Or even a classroom review drill?

Yeah, that was me.  One little loss could completely rock my world and ruin my day.  

While the "crazy" has worn off, the competitive nature has not.  To this day, my family is wary of playing board games with me.  I no longer storm out of the room (grew out of that phase last year), but it's still very obvious that I don't like to lose.  Words With Friends is a dream come true for me because I don't have to contain my disappointment.  :)

I am also merciless.  You better believe I will do everything within my power to destroy your game.  Except when I play with my grandma.  She's too precious.

Random, I know.  I found this ecard on Pinterest, and I just had to share but felt I needed a reason.  So, there you go.  Just remember, you've been warned!

On a happy note...IT'S FRIDAY, Y'ALL!