Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving an awful lot this Wednesday.  Heading back to work this week has been such a smooth transition, and I'm just loving my precious 2nd graders.  So sweet!  

A few weeks ago, I discovered the She Reads Truth Bible study community.  Holy smokes!  This was seriously an answer to prayer.  My typical devotion time usually meant I would pick a book of the Bible. Read it through. Pray for understanding/application. The end.

Now, I have a community with a purpose and a focus.  The current study is called Fresh Start, and it is the absolute perfect way to begin this year.  If you haven't joined in, do it.  Do it right now.  This is not a request.

Y'all, this is seriously the best.  Am I engaged?  No.  Am I even in a relationship?  Negative.  Can a girl dream?  Of course!  Southern Wedding Magazine is full of some of the most glorious pictures I have ever seen, and they just keep outdoing themselves every issue.  Plus, I am throwing a baby shower in a few months, and I can always get party planning ideas and color schemes.  One of my goals for 20-13 is to read more.  Don't worry, I'm not counting this as one of my ten.  But, it sure does help me unwind after a long day at school.

Monogrammed everything.  Everything.

My mom and I started Weight Watchers online last week, and I'm having a lot of success, so far.  I realize that it's just that big initial water weight, etc. loss, but I've lost 7 lbs.   Long way to go, but not too shabby!  Not only do I really like the flexibility and recipe options of the program, but it's so great to have my sweet mama as an accountability and exercise partner.  

My new blog design!  New year, new blog.  Leslie at Sweetie Baby's Designs was such a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend!  

Self explanatory.  Roll Tide!

Have a blessed week, friends!

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