Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Passion For Pinterest

I'm not gonna lie...my Pinterest addiction is starting to get out of hand.  Ok, so I'm completely past the breaking point.  However, I have no intention of going back; I just surpassed 2,000 pins!  Not that this is exactly riveting news or even terribly impressive.  But, I figured it could be slightly therapeutic to comb through and share a few favorites:

This was one of my first pins and ended up being something that I actually attempted.  It turned out pretty well and has been hanging in the house for over a year now.  Perfect for Saturday!  Whoop whoop!

Chevron and studs.  My favorites.

I should dedicate an entire board to my monogram obsession.  I just love how delicate this ring looks.

And, again...This would be completely perfect for fall.

I knew nothing of Hunter rain boots, until Pinterest.  Where have these been all my life??

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of year.  I love this classic outfit.

Nothing says crisp fall morning like a caramel apple spice.  L-O-V-E that I found this recipe!

This is just precious and super southern.

My best friend saw that I had pinned this and decided to make it as my Christmas gift.  Never has my jewelry been so accessible.  Excellent find!

Here's a link to my Pinterest.  Feel free to follow along!!

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