Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dad & Duck Dynasty

For Christmas this year, I was stumped when trying to think about what to buy my dad.  My padre is pretty amazing.  He's loving and kind and wonderful in all kinds of ways, but my biggest pet peeve with him -- the man never ever wants to help you think of gifts to buy him.  He's one of those "I don't need anything but your company" kind of dads.  Poor man means well, but it sure does make things difficult around his birthday and Christmas.

Well, this year, I lucked out.  While goofing off on the internet one night in November, I came across an advertisement for an upcoming show called "Dothan's Night Out with Duck Dynasty" (or something like that).  Dothan is my dad's hometown and only about an hour away, and Duck Dynasty is his favorite show (mine, too), so I knew it would be a hit.  I immediately snatched up two of the last tickets and was set.  He seemed shocked on Christmas morning, and I was Daughter of the Year.  Or, so I like to think...

We really had no idea what to expect with this "show."  Clearly, they wouldn't be singing or dancing, so we were at a loss as to what they might actually be doing.  Turns out, it was actually more of a sermon and testimony sharing event than anything else...AND I LOVED IT!  I'm telling you, if I thought I liked these guys before, I'm totally hooked now!

The show started with Willie coming out and welcoming everyone before introducing Jase.  Jase spoke for a good 30 minutes.  His speech danced back and forth between demonstrating different duck calls, a snarky comedic act, and his faith.  It may sound disconnected and scatterbrained, but it wasn't.  In fact, he was probably my favorite speaker of the whole night.

Then, Phil came out.  I love Phil on the show, but I've always wondered if he is really that blunt in real life.  And y'all, he was exactly the same.  His entire time on stage was spent sharing his faith, and nothing was off limits.  Nothing.  In fact, I can clearly remember him talking about politics, STDs, gay marriage, social security....need I go on?  He is opinionated and real and didn't care what anyone in that room thought about him.

Side story that has absolutely nothing to do with the show:  My uncle, who lives in Mobile, has a friend from church who was on business in Monroe, LA, where Duck Dynasty is filmed, and drove around town to find Phil and Kay's house out of boredom one afternoon just after getting there.  He found it and parked his car for just a minute outside (I know, borderline stalker) to get a better glimpse.  Before he could start the engine up again, Phil stepped outside and shouted, "Hello!"  My uncle's friend apologized for intruding and got in the truck to drive away, but Phil insisted that he come inside for coffee.  When he got inside Miss Kay decided to cook something up for him and, during their conversation, Phil asked if he had a place to stay yet.  The man said that he didn't, and they insisted that he spend the weekend with them in their guest bedroom, which he did.  Say what you will about how dangerous that could have been (and I agree), but these are, apparently, truly kind-hearted people who live their lives in total generosity.  

After Phil, of course, Si stepped on stage.  I kid you not when I say that he didn't get three sentences out before all three guys appeared on stage with him and took the microphone away.  He mentioned his faith in Jesus Christ and the importance of a walk with God, and the rest of the night was spent conducting a question and answer session from audience members who were prompted for questions before the show.  The evening ended with Miss Kay walking out and saying a few words about eating squirrel brains.It was memorable to say the least!

Unfortunately, there were no cameras allowed in the civic center, and cell phone cameras were also prohibited.  Boo!  But, my dad did manage to get one decent shot of Willie getting into his limo.

Just for kicks and giggles, I'm going to share another video/story...

Last July, my cousin, Natasha, was pregnant with her second child, Samuel, and was about a week away from delivering.  Well, she is a fellow Duck Dynasty addict, and her step dad was in Monroe on business.  He decided to stop by the Duck Commander warehouse, just to see if he could get in.  Apparently, he just walked through the front door, no problem, and made his way back to the offices.  He found where Jase and all the guys were working and introduced himself.  He told them about my cousin being a big fan and asked if Jase would film a quick hello video to her, since she was about to have a baby.  Here's what she got:


  1. That sounds like an awesome show! I love Duck Dynasty.. that show has me cracking up the whole time!

  2. That sounds so cool. Willie was here in Nashville Easter Sunday at one of our local churches to talk and I am kicking myself for missing it!

  3. I am obsessed with Duck Dynasty!! ;) Cute blog, new follower!

  4. Haha. I love that show. I am not surprised at all by the fact that they are pretty laid back...sounds like fun :)

  5. We have a huge Duck Dynasty obsession in our house. I love that family and the fact that they share their faith as the moral of the show makes it that much better!

  6. Wow, sounds like such a special gift for your dad. :-) It's great that you enjoyed it too. ;-)

  7. LOVE DD & this story just confirms it all for me.. good people. AMEN!