Monday, April 15, 2013

1/4 of My Weekend Wrap-Up

I realize my title makes no sense, but I couldn't legitimately call it a "weekend wrap-up" when I'm really going to wait to recap the past few days once all my pictures are fully loaded on my computer.  Once all that is said and done (this afternoon), I plan to fully post on my crazy weekend.

If it seems like I've been a little absent lately, both blogging and commenting, well, it's because I have been.  I've mentioned a few times in the past couple months that I was going to be hosting a baby shower for a sweet friend and her baby boy, Jake.  Well, Saturday was the day!  On top of that, my sister was in town to celebrate her 21st birthday, and, between the two, I was slammed!  Don't get me wrong, I would plan this shower all over again in a heartbeat, but I always tend to forget how much work and planning are involved with pulling something like that off.

I've never (ever, ever, ever) been a morning person.  And, I never intend to be, either.  I love sleeping in.  I count down to Saturday ever week because I know that's the one day I don't have to set an alarm, unless something is going on, of course.  With a 10:30 shower this past Saturday, and a 6:00 alarm call that morning, I can honestly say I am wiped out.  I saw this on Pinterest and felt it was highly appropriate and would fit perfectly with my Monday morning:

That is especially true today...I am dragging!  Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Haha. That picture is incredibly appropriate for my life, always. I will never, ever be a morning person.

  2. I know what you mean, I always tend to commit to things and not realize how packed it's going to make my schedule. But I'm sure you really blessed your friend by planning her shower!! I hope your weekend was filled with lots of love from friends and family!

  3. I am selfish about my weekends, I feel like if they are busy I never start my week with the right mindset..and yes, even coffee can't fix that!

  4. I am awkwardly a morning person, even though I don't want to be. I so wish I could sleep in, but I just can't. Even on Saturdays. The latest I've been sleeping in lately is like 7:15! BOO ME!

  5. I love that pic. I was dragging today too!