Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Not-So-Calm Before the Storm

Every year, it's always the same, which makes me wonder why I've found it so surprising this year.  All summer, I look forward to my inservice days (yes, I said look forward to) when I get to reunite with all of my teacher friends, set-up/decorate my classroom, and find out who my upcoming kiddos will be.  But, it never fails, when these days finally arrive, I am constantly shocked at the state of panic.  I think every school is probably the same.  It just comes with the territory, especially if you are attempting to be proactive.  

Of course, this year is no different.  Everyone is running around like crazy and trying to tie up all of the loose ends before supply drop-off and the first day of school.  In a few months, these days will all be forgotten and replaced with a comfortable routine and sense of unity (for the most part...).  From what I hear, it's similar to having a baby.  If you only remember the labor and delivery, you'd never do it again!  It's what comes after that makes you forget the negative and go for round two!!  And, next summer, I'm sure I'll repeat this pattern once again.  Until then, I am trying to focus on the positive and look forward to this school year.  It sounds like I've got an amazing class headed my way!

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